This is just a small status update on some happenings going on in the guild. If you have anything news worthy to add, shoot me a PM. 

-With another 100 slots about to be added to the guild bank, and the log being bugged for me right now so I can't tell who is taking/leaving what, open guild invitations will be cut off for the foreseeable future. Only myself and officers (coming soon) will be able to add members. This might be a pain, but it is a precaution to narrow down bank thieves. When the log becomes unglitched, I will be able to see every transaction made from the past as well and will take appropriate action if needed. Note that if you invited someone who came in, robbed or took anything from the bank and then left, you are subject to removal from the guild as well for aiding them.

-As for the guild bank, please try to leave something of equal or greater value if you take something. I know you can't do this every time, only repeat offenders who take and never give will be subject to having bank permissions removed without warnings. You can earn them back by making deposits. Don't deposit money thinking you're donating to the guild, anyone can grab it for any reason. If you'd like to do this, you'll have to mail me directly. (Fiinn The Human). I keep tabs on donations, and don't just jew the money for myself (no BoostBrah)

-We will have a WvW night coming up soon, so be on the lookout for details. I know queues are long as hell right now, but this will ease down as time goes on. 

-If it looks like upgrades aren't going in the guild, they are, it is just a known bug.

-Atlass is the official guild BBC

-Be sure to quest together and do dungeon runs together, etc. All things done with parties of other guild mates earns us influence for upgrades.

-Officer nominations have begun. Please visit this thread for more information. 

I think this is all for now. Have fun and please.......stay safe.

Launch Server

universitymisc a posted Aug 25, 12
Most of you are in, but for those late comers, we are on

Henge of Denravi

Launch Server News

universitymisc a posted Aug 23, 12
Our launch server has still NOT BEEN ANNOUNCED.

You will know the launch server an hour or so before the game goes live. Be patient with the rest of us. It will be posted in huge font right here on the main page of this website, along with the Misc thread, along with a brand new misc thread being made as well. The Titan Alliance is not choosing a server until a few hours before launch, so we are waiting until then for more information. You will not be in the dark about our server plans. 

A backup server has been chosen just in case something goes wrong in rolling with the Titan Alliance. This server will not be made public unless it is needed, only to avoid confusion. 

Be on the lookout for server information tomorrow around 5-11:30pm EST. 

We will be conducting a stress test tomorrow Tuesday, August 21 from 12:00 Noon PACIFIC Time to 4:00 PM PACIFIC Time.

We will be actively working on the game during the event, so you might experience connectivity problems or discover features that are not working as designed.

Any issues you experience are a result of the rigorous conditions of the stress test, and are in no way representative of the state of the game at launch.

By participating in this stress test, you’re helping us make Guild Wars 2 a better game. Thanks for your cooperation—we’ll see you in-game!

3pm-7pm EST.

To clear up some confusion, here are the official server opening times for people with head-start access.

8/25/2012: 12am PST/3am EST

HOWEVER, Arenanet has said that they may open servers up to three hours early. That would make the times:

8/24/2012: 9pm PST
8/25/2012: 12am EST

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